Bid Requirements

1. Three AA people under 40 years of age with a minimum of one of continuous year sobriety must represent the bidding city.  They may be accompanied by supporters of any age.

2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two appropriate facilities (Hotels, Universities, Convention Centers, Gymnasiums, etc.) so sized to accommodate the entire conference, including the dates of the conference and a showing of availability of meeting rooms. The cost of the facility must be included. When the space is complementary, proof that no commitment as to the number of people attending must be given. Bidders must provide information regarding housing for attendees, including cost and accessibility to the conference site.

3. Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for the conference.

4. Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity will be held in their city within a sixty-day period before and a thirty-day period after the conference date.

5. Statements of support from the host city’s District Committee Member (D.C.M.)  & your Local Intergroup(s) Chairperson and/or Secretary must be brought to the bidding conference.

6. Prospective bidders will be required to demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility, within the traditions of AA as a whole, being directly involved in any activity from which funds are generated.

7. If selling merchandise such as T-shirts, coffee Mugs, Key-chains, etc., the Host Committee must obtain the necessary information regarding the effects of Federal, State and/or local tax laws then present such findings to VSCYPAA Advisory Council.

8. The new host city must agree that all proceeds, after expenses, will be turned over to the VSCYPAA Advisory Council for distribution. The newly selected advisory members from the host city will fully participate in this process.

9. There will be a maximum of 20 minutes for the presentation by each bidding city.

10. Bidders must provide a concise statement illustrating the need, as they understand it, for this conference in their area.

11. The following is a suggestion by the VSCYPAA Advisory Council, and may be considered by the Bidding Committee.  Experience has shown that long holiday weekends are good times for Young People Conferences, allowing extra time for the conference.  Additionally, planning the conference with the consideration of school breaks allows for maximum participation by younger AA’s.